Who is Valdimir Putin ?

(Because of time limitations and the speed and number of events occurring as we rapidly approach some major event, I’m going to present more information, but with fewer links and quotes  – most of what I write is based on memory of events and hundreds if not thousands of articles and books read in the distant past, and searching today for articles with the correct information takes up more time than my limited schedule allows. )

Here is a broad sweep of Putin’s life and environment:

  • Putin in the KGB had a desk job, he was not a James-bond type secret agent. Most of this work was akin to advertising: one collects information on the target group and then crafts messages to induce them to behaving according to the wishes of the advertiser. The goal is to influence your target population subconsciously to perform willingly but if more brutal methods are required the target will eventually break away. Putin was and is a propagandist and an extremely effective one.
  • Western Zionist jews looted Russia with the engineered Yeltsin revolution. Under Yeltsin, the massive commodity combines of Russia, as well as military and other state secrets were practically given away fraudulently. It cannot be emphasized enough that it was a purposeful dissolution of the USSR with goal to loot. One of the greatest lootings for all time !
  • The complete shock treatment  program to purge the old planned economy with “capitalism”  was a scam from day one – this imposed fraud was key to get everyone to sell their factories and plants for nothing – because you couldn’t eat shares !
    ( I had been a grad student at Standford and met some economic ministers for USSR in a weekly seminars I used to run , I also studied some arms control issues at Standford, and worked at Lockheed helping devise arms control policy – so I have a bit of actual peripheral info, though not insider).

    The criminal enterprise from the intellectuals such as Jefferey Sachs at Harvard, to Rothschild and other other investment banking , to Kremlin insiders, to Russian mobsters who later became known as Russian oligarchs were all predominately jewish. The propaganda is that they are Russian, but in fact they are jews that hate Slavs.

  • When the jewish mobsters needed to knock off some competition, they used Chechen mobsters. The link of jewish money and Islamic terrorist muscle is the predominating political story of the last 50 years. (see Klebnikov’s Godfather of the Kremlin)
  • When Yeltsin needed to be replaced, the “family” choose Putin. This is the important point –Putin was chosen by jewish mobsters to become the next president !!!
  • Putin helped stabilize Russia from the wild days of looting. For this, he is considered a hero. He did go after a large number of gangsters and brought others into line. On a surface level, it looks like he tried to kick out the jewish oligarchy.
  • The main split in Russia is the break between the Western Rothschild/Soros -based zionist oligarchs and the more jewish orthodox oligarchs. Putin is trying to create a “Russian” more religious version of the oligarchy, though still mostly run by jews but including a number of native Russian oligarchs. He also has been supportive of Christian Orthodox movements within the country.What this Russian concept is remains unclear other than what he dictates. The western godless oligarchs are basically conducting a war against Putin to try to gain control of the Russia and its resources again.
  • When Putin chased out some of the oligarchs, he allowed the majority of them to retain their wealth. He could have gone after much more money than he did. Also, he permitted his oligarchs such as Friedman of Alpha Bank  (see Helmer)  keep the loot. The real alternative was to declare all the auctions under the Yeltsin years illegal – and seize all the assets, and to be fair, give back the money that was paid in the auctions. Then, he could have run fair auctions for the assets. No, he did not do that.He clearly choose winners and losers from the oligarchy, though from a moral perspective they were all degenerates.
  • Putin has used the same Chechen terrorists to consolidate state power and increase his popularity – as in the West, terrorism is used as an excuse for the military-industrial complex as well to establish the national security state with unlimited powers.
  • Mogilevich, at one time considered to be the most powerful mobster in the world (and jew) – freely lives in Moscow under Putin’s protection. What is the connection to Putin and Company ?
  • The Georgian/ Ossestian affair of 2008 was a choreographed war. First the US and its vassals used its wealth and propaganda to push into the ex-Soviet space. h Money corrupts , and one of the entities corrupted by the Western ZOG against Putin was GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova).  In Georgia, we see a jewish infestation:
    • For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Gerogian army to preparer for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice… The fact that Georgia’s defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew contributed to this cooperation… Brigadier-General (Res.) Gal Hirsch  gave the Georgian army advice on the establishment of elite units such as Sayeret Matkal and on rearmament, and gave various courses in the fields of combat intelligence and fighting in built-up areas. (Ynet 8/10/08 )
    • President Saakashvili has noted that both his minister responsible for negotiations over South Ossetia (Yakobashvili) and his Defense Minister, Davit Kezerashvili, had lived in Israel before moving to post-Soviet Georgia. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Georgian leader this week enthused that in Tbilisi, “both war and peace are in the hands of Israeli Jews.” …”Israel armed the Georgian army,” grumbled General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of staff of the Russian military, at a press conference in Moscow earlier this week.(Time 8/21/2008)
    • The 58th army had been maintained in a high State of alert and reactivity, and permissions have apparently been granted only to the dropper at the end of the Kavkaz-2 maneuvers. She seems to have put on alert in August 4, 2008, which explains the speed of its reaction after the Georgian attack. This indicates that the Russian authorities suspected something.(Les-Crisis – long article detailing the absurd theater).
  • If you read through all the details of the affair regarding Georgia, you will mark the careful planning to incite a conflict the goal of which : Israel, Russia, and US produce massive arms sales, useless riff-raff get killed (no oilgarchs died in this action) , Putin made a hero to Russians (again !)  – while he is killing them and taking their money. In spite of it being well-known (except to the dumb masses) that the war was in “Israeli hands” and in spite of the complaints of the Russian army that Israel had been arming and training the Georgians, Russia went on to create closer ties to Israel….
    • Travelling from Russia to the Promised Land Palestine (with that kind of language you really can’t trust RT) has never been easier – from September 20 those Russian citizens entering to Israel will no longer need visas.… Diplomatic ties between the two countries were severed following the six-day war in 1967. Real improvement was made when former Russian president Vladimir Putin visited three years ago. Now attention is firmly focused on the future. (RT 9/19/2008)
  • If Russia had been attacked in South Ossestia, Georgia was the puppet, America the hand, and Israel the brain, but rather than being angry at Israel, Putin pushed for closer ties with Israel. Clearly some inside deal was done. Maybe, the Chabbad jews of Russia made a deal with Israel – and the Western jews lost in Georgia ?
  • Putin did not oppose the USA-lead overthrow of Libya – he could have easily vetoed all UN resolutions – but did not. Instead, the USA imported and supported Islamic jihadists and transformed Libya into an extremist Islamic country – by design.
  • Ukraine – the reveler. My view before the Ukraine crisis was ambiguous about Putin – a savior against the ZOG but whose hands are tied or another hidden jewish puppet like Obama. The Ukraine crisis was the test that would show his true colors :
    • In the face of the Western-led coup utilizing deranged fascists – who immediately went on a killing rampage across the Ukraine, the eastern part of Ukraine broke out in rebellion. Initially, they wanted to vote for independence – from Ukraine as well as Russia – Putin advised them not to do it. He could have easily guaranteed their safety and allowed an open election under the UN mandate that all people have a right to self-determination. I believe if a fair vote were to be held today, Ukraine would break apart into 3 maybe 4 regions.
    • He allowed the Ukrainian army to slaughter the rebels and put in only enough support or troops to keep them from being completely overrun near the end. He also allowed the oligarchs to use their own private armies on the rebel side to sabotage other rebels.
    • In the end, Putin forced the Minsk agreement on the rebels who could no longer survive without Russian assistance. The Minsk agreement pushes the rebels back into the Ukraine and into the grip of the oligarchs of both countries (almost exclusively jewish) . We can now see that Minsk is a Chabbad jewish agreement given what is revealed later and that the signer of accord on the Ukrainian side is Kuchma who did not even hold an official post – but is one of Chabbad’s men in Ukraine.
    • All the rebels who truly wanted and independent and freer country were and are being killed off – many of whose stories I have posted.
    • Basically, Putin is responsible to deliver NovoRossiya back to Ukraine under Minsk, and he is hoping that his oligarchs can continue to enjoy their wealth as before. The problem is that the western jews will never release sanctions and other pressures until he is removed from office.
  • Ukraine reveals that  Putin does not care for Russia, the average Russian, or even to fight the global ZOG – all he cares is that the oligarchy remain in charge and continue to loot.
  • The diary of Eduard Hordos – a high ranking Ukrainian jewish rabbi who converted to Christianity fills out Putin’s story. Hordos ties up many  loose ends: the rise of Putin at the hands of Berezovsky (confirming Klebnikov) , the destruction of both Guzinsky and Berezov , and the rise of Chabbad in organizing the Russian jewish oligarchy under Putin. He also mentions Putin was second cousin to a jew so he may be partially jewish by blood as many have claimed. The story should be read to be believed – some excerpts :
    • …the “successor” would be obligated to preserve Family traditions and guarantee “Tsar Boris” complete immunity after his “abdication.” [“The Family” refers not just to Yeltsin and his extended family, but the network of criminal-oligarchic clans tied to “Russia’s First President”. – Ed] What’s more, Yeltsin’s “successor” would have to be a paragon of health and youth, in order to differ advantageously from his aged but very popular rival, Yevgeny Primakov( also jewish – ninestreams), and also possess the required ethnic characteristics for the Russian “throne,” while at the same time being “one of his own” for Berezovsky [In other words, of mixed Russian-Jewish parentage. – Ed]. However, much to BAB’s [BAB – Boris Abramovich Berezovsky. – Editor] annoyance, presidential “elections” also presuppose the participation of the the people. Therefore, it was necessary to popularize the new pretender to the throne in the shortest possible time, and force the people to believe in its love for Berezovsky’s “chosen one.” The inventive Boris Abramovich solved this problem, too. With the Second Chechen War.
    • Vladimir Putin “did his best” for Russia even more: he not only rid her, long-suffering Rus, of the Jewish “plague,” but also (a) effectively put an end to the schism within Russian Jewry, by placing the latter in Chabad’s reliable hands; (b) expelled two Jewish “troublemakers” from the Kremlin “Politburo,” replacing them with the super-quiet Chabad; and (c) contributed humanitarian aid to the West in the form of the Bereza-Gus(insky) billions, thus boosting Russia’s image as a rich and generous country … And the main thing: by releasing two of the Jews who have bled Russia dry in the past decade, Putin cleared the Russian people of any accusations of anti-semitism and raised its prestige in the eyes of the whole “civilized” world! Take that, Joseph Vissarionovich (Stalin)!From that time on, Putin has been the loyal friend of Chabad, and always follows its quiet, wise advice. As the Jewish press glowingly reports, Putin invites the Chabad rabbis to the Kremlin a minimum of once a month, and queries them in detail about the mood of the Jewish community in Russia.
  • Putin has not actually been a friend of Russia’s “allies” in the Middle East. In fact, Russian policy is dictated on commercial interests and deference to Israel.
    • Every time Iran and Syria has tried to buy the S-300 air defense system , Israel has overruled and Russia ,despite desperately needing the money , has not sold the systems – though the systems are outdated and defeatable. In the current war in Syria, Russia has allowed Israel to attack Damascus and other targets, even after putting its own S-400 air defense systems.
    • Not only that, but Putin has not put any pressure on Israel to stop supporting jihadis with arms, medical aid, and artillery and airstrikes against Assad’s troops in Southern Syria. Putin is allowing for Israel’s policy to prevail in some areas of Syria to the detriment of the same government he is trying to support.
    • Putin has agreed to let anyone violate Syrian sovereignty under the guise of the UN . In addition, he has coordinated with the other western countries on rules to dominate Syria airspace. There is no effort to push any of the western aircraft which are operating illegally out of Syria.  In short, Russia is following the old colonial pattern of dividing up the colonies. Forget all that UN bullshit about sovereignty – the little brown people should know who owns them.
    • Putin did not help the Syrians when he could have really made a difference a few years ago with more arms and training. Instead as in the aid to the Ukrainian rebels, he let Assad bled to near death before he stepped in. Is Syria a case of jewish oligarchs fighting over their colonies, or it a case of genocide against all Arabs or both ?
  • Putin supports all the globalist institutions : UN, IMF , Global Currency, etc. I will post more on this in future articles, but contrary to general opinion, Putin is not trying to overthrow the world order, but wants to be treated as a major player by the other oligarchs. The trial balloon global currency coin shown by Russia highlights Putin’s desire to be part of the global new world order. He is part of the plan.


Putin may have some partial jewish background, but certainly he is the chosen front-man for the Chabad jewish oligarchical gangsters in Russia. He works closely with Israel and other international jews in creating false divisions and wars such as in Georgia and Syria. He might be in conflict with Western (mostly US and UK) zionist jews who are not controlled by Chabad for control over Russia and parts of the MiddleEast. Since this jewish inner conflict is hidden to us, we cannot always distinguish where they are actually fighting and where they are just putting on a facade in order to push their real agenda of global domination.

We can categorically conclude that Russia under Putin is not a savior to the world from the NWO,  and he is not even a friend to the Russians based on the revelations of the the conflict in Ukraine and his close relationship to  Russian jewish gangsters and oligarchs. The new world order is a totalitarian fascists state run by oligarchs, and it is now being fully revealed. There are no saviors – each individual must find the courage to stand up to the system or remain a slave.

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