Brexit Or Not

Whether Britain remains in the EU or not truly does not matter. Both countries have been sold out by their elites. Even if Britain leaves, the political gains will be short-term as the British establishment itself is run by oligarchs and the youth are headed straight for authoritarianism like everywhere else in the West.

If you did not believe the EU was created and run for the elite, get it straight from the horses mouth, the current editor of Bloomberg news and prior editor of the Economist, both the propaganda rags of the elite. Many know that I call Bloomberg news the superbly edited propaganda news of all as it is tailored very specifically for the elite of finance, esp. on the trading side who all have a terminal. With a sophisticated audience, the propaganda is so much more refined than the typical press. The propagandist-in-chief :

John Micklethwait

The whole piece is worth listening, although he mostly repeats the usual line. However, at the end he lets down is guard as humans are wont to do, and reveals what he would never publish — where he has time to edit :   (@11:25)

“The European Union, above all else, is that project run by elites (in quite a decent way)… One of the reasons why the European Union was setup; it was setup by elites who were terrified of populism in the 30s (1930s) . So they were never very good at the democracy thing”.

If you tell people the EU is the EU-SSR – 99.9% of the people will think you are nuts. But those in the know that the 99.9% — the ones who vote Democrat or Republican in the US, or Tory or Labor in the UK, and all the fake candidates in the all the Western countries are the real idiots.  Voting for the establishment is like a inmate in prison getting the choice of which cell he wants to sleep in, thinking that he is a free man.

Fools !  voting for social justice or freedom or democracy when in fact the Pigs on the Animal Farm run all the levers.

Brexit or Bremain  — only a minor battle between oligarchs for their turf – as is between Russia and USA in Eastern Europe. Until people want to overthrow the oligarchy not much will change.




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