No War With China

One only has to look at this video (well worth the 3 min) of Lagarde introducing the introduction of the Chinese Yuan into the SDR basket to realize the oligarchy at the top are getting closer. There is no BRIC conflict with the US — these are all fake tensions FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING THE MASSES UNDER CONTROL.

Also China , with the World Bank, has been issuing SDR bonds :

World Bank issues SDR bonds in China

BEIJING, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — The World Bank on Wednesday issued landmark bonds denominated in special drawing rights (SDR) in China’s interbank market.

The three-year bonds worth 500 million SDR (nearly 700 million U.S. dollars) were billed as “Mulan bonds.” The Chinese currency the yuan, or renminbi, will be used as the settlement currency.

Interbank debts denominated in SDR will enrich China’s bond market and help promote the global use of the currency, the PBOC said, adding that it will continue to improve SDR bond trading and propel the opening up of China’s market.

The Chinese (and the Russians) would be doing the opposite if they were in true conflict with the US. Instead,  it is clear the goal is to create a new currency regime where the exchange rate will be set by the SDR — they are clearly telling you in red above. The USD is geting setup for a major devaluation in order to balance the world flows and it will engineered for the benefit of the oligarchy while the masses are kept in the dark about the direction.

The military is the other leg of control  and the create all sorts of tensions in the South China Sea, meanwhile…

PLA Navy fleet pays visit to Florida

PLA Navy fleet pays visit to Florida


China and the US have seen increasing military-to-military exchanges in the last few years despite tensions in the South China Sea.

Harry Harris, commander of US Pacific Command, said in Beijing on Tuesday that the US will continue to conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea. China protested last week the USS Lassen’s entering of waters in the South China Sea claimed by China without permission.

Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the US, said on Tuesday that while China and the US have some differences, it is evident that the common interests and common needs of the two countries on some global issues have been constantly increasing and expanding.

“This is the trend and direction,” he said.

Could not be more clear. The oligarchy is getting closer, but the limited tensions are created to keep the war and finance machines going — while the oligarchy maintains domestic control through fear. All pointed out in 1984.




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