The Democratic Party…

As a quick post before the election…

If you didn’t think we live in Zimbabwe, you should be thinking so after this election.

However, I wanted to point out how the Democratic Party now shows the full neo-marxist oligarchical power structure as predicted by Orwell and more recently expounded upon by Bezmenov. You must listen to Bezmenov to clearly understand the long-term flow and trend in the political arena…and understand that it is by design. The process of subversion, and demoralization leads to the creation of “useful idiots” who will then do the work of subversion in absolute contradiction to their own goals. Let’s see how this plays with Ms. Clinton and the Democratic party.

The Neo-Marxist Party

  1. The party of oligarchs. Clearly the huge money has gone to Clinton (2 to 1) . The typical big money has abandoned Trump and the Republican party, contrary to all modern history!  Do not the useful idiots who will vote Democrat understand that the oligarchy is moving to Clinton to maintain control.. and they are just voters who are being manipulated ? Of course, the big money is always from jewish oligarchs ( A tally of the fundraising for the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president shows that the top five donors are Jewish.)
  2. Like in all oligarchies and animal farms, the Clintons have made hundreds of millions through corruption — which everyone knows — yet the poor think she represents them with all her speeches about doing things for the lesser classes. Do the useful idiots even think she cares ?  The most amusing part is that the poor and the intellectuals continually whine about the corruption of the rich, but like lemmings they will vote for the person that will continue to suck them dry.
  3. The Democratic convention was full of military generals and more war talk. Surprisingly the democratic party is more hawkish and wants the war machine more than Trump. Is the world correct ? Yet, the useful idiot liberals who regularly protest for peace not war( like that degenerate Communist Sanders ) are  all for Clinton. Do not the useful idiots see that Clinton does not represent their values ?

It kinda feels like reality has slipped off its axis and we’ve landed on a Bizarro World version of America. Democrats are acting like Republicans. Pat Buchanan is championing the GOP’s “Peace Candidate.” And the Neocons are fleeing from a party they’ve used like a geopolitical cudgel for the better part of three decades. (

Yes, both Orwell and Bezmenov warned that the truth and falsehood would be reversed and the idiots would go along.

3. As a corollary to the above, Hillary has been supporting the invasion of all the Middle Eastern countries and then  supplied arms to  jihadis in Syria with the surplus out of Libya. Is it not clear to everyone that the whole Benghazi coverup was about those arms shipments ?  Yet, the useful idiots don’t care.

Image result for wikileaks julian clinton arms

Hillary is a war criminal. In any sane world, she would be jail for life for willfully participation in the wanton deaths of over a million people and for the untold suffering of the victims of war and the creation of millions of refugees. Yet, social workers, human rights supporters, and all the other do-gooders are morally blind and bankrupt and will vote for her, just as the Republicans voted for Bush the second-time even after it was clear there was nothing even close to WMDs in Iraq. How do they even sleep at night ?

4. Of course, the most useful of “useful idiots” are many women who want to vote for her just because she is a women. I put them in the “stupid bitch” category. The stupid bitches don’t care about any of the above arguments or to consider some really bright women who would be more deserving, they just want to stoke their own egos.

Image result for scared to go to war mothers vote for clinton

One can call it pure ego — it is a covering over the universal consciousness that helps drive the dynamism of organic life, but it is also one of the primary tools of psychopathic manipulators. These stupid bitches have fallen into the trap of voting for a person who doesn’t represent them or anything they stand for, for their own ego satisfaction. Many times, it is the smarter, intellectual crowd (lawyers, MBAs, doctors, etc) that claims this elitist moral high ground, but because of their own lack of spiritual development , they have become “stupid bitches” who would destroy the world. This will not compute for most of them, it hardly does (otherwise the wheel or karma would not spin!)

5. Hillary cares nothing for women. She has gone after the women that Bill has raped. She also has taken huge money from Saudia Arabia and Qatar, countries which have the worst of worst records with regards to women. Instead, she has supported the war against the Syrian regime gave full rights to women and their education. Hillary instead has supported ISIS and Nusra , and in support of her jewish oligarchs who want to destroy Syria.


Yet, the stupid bitches don’t realize she is complete psychopath and cares only for money and power and nothing about women.

Image result for saudi arabia women hillary

6. Hillary like Obama has supported the covert , intelligence state and the suppression of gun rights. Step by step, the removal of privacy and the imposition of more draconian laws will continue under Clinton. All the freedoms that are cherished by the useful idiots will vanish as well as a way to defend themselves in militias. The totalitarian state will be complete. This path is clear as day to anyone paying even the remotest attention.

7. The media has been completely biased for Hillary. Why ? Do not people realize yet that all news is propaganda as Orwell pointed out. Newspeak is in full force in the US, and now it is totally obvious, but the demoralized idiots don’t care. The only news is the news that keeps the oligarchy in power.

Why does the oligarchy fear Trump ?

Well, in a speech completely suppressed by the MSM, he lays out the above points clearly:

I am not recommending you vote for Trump, he has all the issues which are transparent. Yet,you should understand that when he says no more foreign wars and nation-building, it is the end of military-industrial establishment. When we says all the other countries have to pay their fair share, it is the end of keeping Europe,Japan, and the most  of the rest of world as vassal states, the coalition of not the willing, but puppets. When he says no more global warming bullshit, he is destroying the carefully crafted means of complete world control and domination by a centralized authority. When he says he is going to stop the immigration, he is stopping the destruction of the nationalist spirit that opposes the oligarchy.No wonder all the Republicans who support the oligarchy (same as those on the democratic side)  are all supporting Hillary.

Listen to Bezmenov — he gave the path the US would take to a tee, and he gave the cure. Yet, Trump is not what he seems either… but that is another post. Just realize, what happened to the real tea-parties and the libertarians ?

Is there a choice ?

Is there a choice in this election ?  I normally vote Libertarian , though I consider myself one with a small “L” . Last election Gary Johnson didn’t really uphold libertarian values, not we espouses complete oligarchical values. In fact, his VP Weld basically endorsed Clinton !   So not, there is no choice for the free person (man or woman). The only real choice is to restructure the societal contract and break-up the power of monopoly government.

The oligarchy corrupts all in its all encompassing power. The US is now in a death spiral towards Zimbabwe, and like in Zimbabwe, it is nearly impossible for the free person to overthrow the totalitarian  government ,mostly because of useful idiots that keep the wheel of karma rolling through their own ego gratification strategies that boost the psychopathy of the society.

This election represents the revelation of the farce that America has become as it rapidly spins towards a totalitarian self-immolation.




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