Not My Stupid Bitch

The useless idiots organized a protest marches, which I assume was against Trump. Girly Men protesting the day of the inauguration, some of them acting like the fascists they claim to oppose. Today, it was the turn on Manly Girls.

Image result for women's march logo

One of the platform planks is “human rights are womens’ rights”. These stupid bitches are so brainwashed they have no clue what is human rights and how to achieve them. They all voted for Hillary who waged war all over the world including destroying Libya and Syria by supporting jihadist and ISIS–  the very groups that hate women the most. What a bunch of stupid, stupid, stupid bitches.

As mentioned before many times, the politics of identity is pure Frankfurt Marxist ideology whose aim is to destroy the power structure. In this, case the men who in fact are the natural protectors and champions of these women. In about 20 years, they will discover a fully imposed totalitarian state and will have destoyed the very society that nurtured them and gave them the freedom to protest.

As they are so fond of saying Not My President…. my counter protest:


Image result for women's march

Not My Stupid Bitch




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