Women’s March Part II

I was actually amazed by the level of co-ordination of the Women’s march. Clearly, we see the oligarchy’s color revolution technology in full force, inflaming the unholy coalition on the left, for what looks like a war against the right…so that the power structure can maintain control.It struck me when I saw the same speeches given all over the world putting together groups who have no business being together that the oligarchy was feeding on the emotions of the campaign to generate the next steps in civil war in America.

Some quick points.

  • Massive funding and coordination create color revolutions. Some say over 50+ Soros funded NGO were involved in the Women’s march. It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate the posters, the silly pink hats, the speakers, etc.  You need people with free time and a bit of money. It is surprising cheap when you get a lot of brainwashed social justice warriors willing to work for free.
  • It was a pure play on emotions. There are no rights women don’t have in the US. As is typical in all the color revolutions, the point is to inflame emotions by playing on some small injustices and blowing them out of proportion or playing the victim card against those groups at the top. There will always be winners and losers in life — however that does not mean oppression of one by the other, but it is easy to prey on human emotions to create conflict.
  • They banned women who were pro-life. Some say 50% of women in US oppose abortion. This was not a women’s march. It was a hodgepodge of leftist angry white feminists, white-hating Black Lives Matter negroes, gays who have no idea why they are protesting , Muslims who hate women, and hordes of brainwashed stupid bitches who can’t think for themselves.
  • These women don’t want hands in their jeans, but have no problem reaching into everyone else’s pockets. One of their platforms was to continue Federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Do these women have no shame ? They want full freedom, but want the state to coerce everyone who doesn’t believe in their philosophy, and what some would consider murder, to pay for it ?!!!  These women could have empowered themselves by doing a fund raising campaign  by social media and paid for PP themselves. Why are they giving up their power to the state ? They could have easily self-funded what they so strongly feel about. They spent so much time, money, and organization and rather than create a true self-empowered organization,  they instead give up their power to central control(that is the whole point after all , as is Global Warming) and want to ram their own views down everyone’s throats with their self-righteous anger. wow. 
  • A Co-chair of the march is a Muslim Brotherhood front-person, Linda Sasour. The Brotherhood has been a UK intelligence(which means jewish money) asset for a 100+ years, and is the same reason Huma Abedin is in Clinton’s inner circle.

Image result for women's march in hijab

  • Do these people not know that Islam and Sharia treat women as men’s slaves ? Do they not know that under Sharia, a man has a right to beat his wife if she is disobedient, that her testimony is worth only 1/2 a man’s in court ? , that you can be forced to marry the man that raped you, that non-islamic women have even fewer rights ?  Yet, all these women cheered as all the coordinated speeches pushed more muslim immigration. Do these women not know how the two countries that represent the 2 branches of Islam, Iran and Saudi Arabia, treat their women and have for 1400 years! ? Why are they not demanding sanctions against all muslim countries ? Are they not able to see who hijacked their desire for women’s rights and transformed it into a blinding, self-destructive anger that will destroy their own societies  ? 
  • Do not the gays know that they can be killed in many muslim countries ? Why are they even protesting as Trump has not even remotely suggested any anti-gay legislation ?
  • The march included a lot of very angry women. Do they know one of the speakers was guilty of kidnapping, and raping a man(as part of 3 men/3 women  gang) ? Can you imagine the rage if Trump had a rapist at one of his speeches ? Do these women not understand how they are being manipulated ?
  • BLM is a true hate group. Yes, there is excess policing, but a this is general problem post- 9/11. More on BLM in separate post, but it is pushing the same hatred as are the women leaders of the march.

You see, Black Lives Matter is proving itself to seek only one end – and that is discord, alienation among Americans, rise in hate, and destruction of community bonds. The relative increase in justice afforded black Americans is of little concern, save as a convenient veneer for their anti-democratic mission. (foxNews Sheriff Clake)

Revolution of the oligarchy

The oligarchy always uses the most angry and disfranchised to overthrow the power structure. The Red Cultural Revolution in all its forms. Useful idiots are brainwashed in the beginning with high and lofty slogans, and then the revolution turns violent, and in the end the oligarchy maintains or takes power. From the Bolshevik revolution(and really the French revolution) , to the Ukranian Maidan that unleashed the nazis, to the Arab Springs that lead to jihadists chaos, it is the same pattern. The oligarchy inflames the crazies/idiots to get angry , and we saw that on full display:

Brain Dead

Do these mostly liberal white women not understand what the country would be like if run by the Muslim Brotherhood or BLM ?  What do they think they have in common with true Muslims — just go visit some of the muslim neighborhoods in the UK or France, much less SA or Iran? When the violence is unleashed and BLM militants,  Raza cholos, and Islamic jihadists are unleashed, who is going to protect them ? Do they want to turn the USA into Mexico or Liberia  — where do they think these angry idiots marching with them would take them ? 

Why is it that “educated” liberal women are easy prey to the brainwashing ?

  1. If you are doing well, you attribute it to the current PC culture, rather than the society built by conservative white men in America. Wealth makes people soft and deluded about the how the wealth was earned. It is surprising how many wealthy kids are enchanted with communism. However, those that come from a Communist background have no such delusions. My slightly elderly housekeeper who is Polish and has seen totalitarianism in its full “glory” , says in the broken English,don’t these wealthy ladies (in a well-to-do town ) understand that when they bring in Muslims, they will bring in jihadis, and when they commit violence, the state will impose more police and more controls, and take all my money and freedom ?” ...Sad, but true — she understands because she wasn’t brainwashed in school and has no time to watch CNN to get brainwashed now. She is distraught at what is happening in American and can see the Red Terror…strange the most “intelligent” cannot.
  2. They read and watch the propaganda non-stop. The communist news network( CNN) to even Fox, all of them are owned by 6 jews as well as almost all the newspapers, including the Jew York Times. There is no alternative voice in mass media(but tons on the web — like this site). They don’t know and because they are doing well, they don’t really feel an urgency to know… plus when do you have the time between the kids’ soccer and planning the wine parties with the ladies?
  3. They have a spiritual desire that must be fulfilled, in spite of their secularism and atheism. Usually, the religious impulse runs stronger in women than men, which is one of the advantages they have, but with the death of religion and the propaganda against any organization that will organize or uplift (you must trust the centralized state above all!) , there is no spiritual outlet other than what the state allows. Equality is one of the main goals that is promoted — although it does not and cannot exist. It is the outlet for spiritual endeavor and as such as taken on a messianic purpose with these women.  The material world is driven by duality — it must have disparity to drive the dynamics. You cannot have electricity and magnetism without negative and positive.  In the material plane, true equality only comes with “heat death” — absolute zero where nothing moves. The communist/PC philosophy of equality is a death cult. It will destroy everything in its quest for equality which cannot exist. Because it is a religious quest with these women, they will ignore all evidence that their belief is not rational and will pursue their goal with a self-destructive zealotry.  It is a matter of faith. In order to prove they are spiritual and good, they must achieve the goal and they believe anyone who doesn’t believe or gets in their way must be bad and  devils.  Equality only exists in a tremendously deep spiritual state — pure Consciousness which when it excises Its pure will — manifests and creates this universe. There will always be rich and poor, loved and hated, included and excluded — and these “ladies” are engaging in the same; it is natural and the true order of the universe to be so.  All of western society is now collapsing due to this dogma and misunderstanding about equality.  There is a great and deep spiritual yearning for equality within all of us, but it for the merging of our deepest souls with the Universal; believing it to be a goal of the material world is delusion and maya which promotes violence and further delusion and keeping society from evolving. 


The two best videos I saw pointing out the above . One a true thinking woman:


One smart black man has more brains than 3 million “educated” white stupid bitches. Please, watch this video to the end…what is obvious to so many,  is hidden to the deluded :

Yes, the choas will soon be unleashed. The people have awoken to the oligarchy and fewer and fewer people believe in its lies. They yet have not found the levers of power to remove it so the oligarchy MUST create the conflict so that it can impose its own order again. It will find any and all differences to drive a divide and conquer strategy. The race war has been on the table since Tayvon Martin and I am sure it will erupt fully with the militant blacks — they hope to incite a violent reaction from the far right white so that they can impose the totalitarian state. The Women’s march was skillfully organized, not for the purpose of womens’ rights, but to stroke the flames of internal division to such a level that violence occurs. The left is already there — they do not and will not respect  others’ viewpoints. Some portion of the right is also ready to destroy the society. The oligarchy will never let really peaceful, independence minded people (such as the true tea party and liberal pacifists) reduce their power.

The Women’s March was a Hate March




One thought on “Women’s March Part II

  1. On the day of the Women’s March in January, I and two other women were working with men to build a wheelchair ramp for an elderly disabled couple, through a program in our church. We were treated as equals on the job site. Doing service as I did is the way to feel empowered as a woman. Not whining and protesting because the candidate who was not your choice won the election convincingly. And not telling lies about that candidate, who is now your president, because you’re too immature to act like a graceful loser.

    I’m a Christian, heterosexual woman with a college degree who voted for Donald Trump (who was not my choice in the my state’s primary) and has been happily married for 20 years. I don’t agree with everything that some conservatives believe, but I’m far more conservative than liberal or moderate on most issues.

    I just wonder how many women in this march are like me. Probably not many, because if they were, they’d be more emotionally healthy and emotionally intelligent and have better things to do with their time than bitching and whining and saying nasty things about others that aren’t true. I really think far left liberalism is a form on insanity, based on the horrible, angry things some of these women were saying. It’s very true that those who are conservative and religious and in committed relationships are far more sane and happier.

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