Color revolution in full force

In DC during the inauguration:

Image result for black clad protesters in washington dc trump violent

In Berkeley during a Milo speech:


Why are demonstrators who want “peace”, progressive values, inclusion, etc wearing black, back masks and instigating violence ?

This is the color revolution playbook. They get the useful idiots to protest and then they send the thugs to hijack the movement subverting the energy to another outcome. The violence always leads to a centralized government that either gains control if the object is to seize power or to maintain control. Which is it ?

Who are they ?

Haven seen this play a hundred times, I would say it was run by some deep state operatives who get the idiots to conduct the violence. My guess is at least 2-3 in the crowd are intelligence(though probably through a private company) operatives.

Don’t believe it ? Do you really think everyone decided to wear black and wear masks or did someone organize it ? Do you think they all showed up for this spontaneously as an act of protest by students or do you think it was organized ?  It is clear some serious planning went into organizing the whole planned character of the attack. Make no doubt about it, it looks and feels like an organized gang — not a bunch of wimpy Berkeley students. The real protestors wore color and no masks.

Why is media keeping silent ?

The amount of violence was startling :

Most of the media has ignored the brutal violence — saying mostly the rioting was out of hand, and not mentioning the number and the severity of the beatings people took including someone knocked out in the street. Clearly, there is a cover up.

If this had been Trump supporters, the would have been called nazis , and non-stop press coverage would have tried to incite the masses against whites and Trump.

Why did the police stand down ?

Clearly, the police chiefs — both the campus and city(mayor claims he didn’t give any orders – it was the chief)  ordered the police to stand down even though massive violence was occurring right in front of them. Odd. They did not make a single arrest on the night of violence. Isn’t that strange ?

This is why I never go to a protest. All the major ones have agent provocateurs that will work to legitimize valid protests that seem to be gaining traction. In such cases, do you expect the police to protect you.

My view

I believe the oligarchy is attempting to get the right to react to the violence so that they can have the left/right violence to distract people from going after the real oligarchy. Citizens/Immigrants, black vs white, men vs. women, etc.  Identity politics is being used to divide and conquer so that the oligarchy can maintain control. I believe the real move by the Tea parties and Ron Paul as put in play a course of action to subvert the strong energy rising against the system including on the left which does not trust the oligarchy (and one of the main reasons Hillary lost).

Once violence starts, very few can keep cool and see through the manipulation. This is why it is so effective. The fear response is so strong that it overwhelms all rational thought. It is either fight(or get revenge) or flee. I predict this will escalate.

All the people protesting against Trump are useful idiots as are many of this supporters. It could lead to the worst type of violence such as in Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, and dozens of such places where color revolutions wee instigated. The left will become further and further radicalized — the intolerance is already very novel and alarming. This level of intolerance and hate will result in a civil war and the break-up of the USA – something that I felt like would happen for the last  6 years when some of the trend indicators and forecasters started mentioning the fact.

This is how the cycle of violence starts. The left should really call off all their protests and work for unity. I hated all the laws and actions of the (white) house nigger for the jewish oligarch, Obama as did a huge portion of the country. The left should suck it up and vote in the next election and put their next commie in power. This path leads to epic amounts of suffering for everyone.









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