The Pro-Muslim Propaganda

Why is Jew-owned (CBS owned by Redstone) pushing fake articles that the Statue of Liberty is modeled on a Muslim woman ?


Clearly they are engaging in emotional brainwashing hoping to take a powerful emotionally positively embraced image and attach that to Muslims. The reality of Muslim is Saudi Arabia, but of course they will show that.

Everyone knows the Statue is Masonic symbol placed on an  11-pointed start by the Masonic lodges of the time. She represents various goddess from Juno to ISIS to back to Babylonian time and ultimately to the vedic goddess Saraswati — The goddess of Enlightment which is the true freedom. Yes, originally supposed to be place at the Suez canal — but again representing the Masonic view of these ancient goddess — thousands of years before that goat-fucker(may be rot in hell)  created his religion of goat-fucking muslims.


We are subject to this endless propaganda by the jewish oligarchy. It is a blatant lie, but they know no one thinks about it and subconsciously little messages and images implant the view they want you take. Then, you will enthusiastically strive for the goal they want — like unfettered Muslim immigration. Just look at the Women’s march co-sponered by the Muslim Brootherhood, and the  stupid bitches screamin for muslims. Yes, it does work. Almost all the people I talk to fall for it – smart, educated people — just mindless automatons.

I give this example — it is just a small one — once your mind is open you will see endless such manipulations in the daily mainstream. We truly live in 1984(and really probably since 1964) — Truth is fiction and fiction is truth.

Curse them all

Wake up, motherfuckers. The wheel of karma is about to crush the West. You should curse all these assholes instead of being polite and falling for the propaganda. You should want the blood of these people who want to take your blood and money. Can you say

subhuman degenerate jew ? (the whole genocidal manipulative wealthy jewish oligarchy)

white house nigger ? (Obama – who invaded more countries than any other president and should be war criminal and hanged like Saddam).

The chimp (Bush like Obama)

Image result for george bush chimp

Until people start cursing these monsters who commit genocide, take everyones money through taxes, enrich themselves and their friends, nothing will change.

We should all discriminate and discriminate fiercely about what is good for us and what is not. If you cannot curse these people openly, you are brainwashed. Your politeness will lead to the destruction of society and you will be to blame for leaving your kids a shattered country.



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