When your Master Lectures You

If there is any doubt who controls Congress, just watch the sycophantic cheering :


I watched this speech in full at the time last year (and only getting the time to post it now), and yes, it is all from one speech.

Still don’t believe that the Jews control America ?  When will you step out of your brainwashed prison ?


No War With China

One only has to look at this video (well worth the 3 min) of Lagarde introducing the introduction of the Chinese Yuan into the SDR basket to realize the oligarchy at the top are getting closer. There is no BRIC conflict with the US — these are all fake tensions FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING THE MASSES UNDER CONTROL.

Also China , with the World Bank, has been issuing SDR bonds :

World Bank issues SDR bonds in China

BEIJING, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — The World Bank on Wednesday issued landmark bonds denominated in special drawing rights (SDR) in China’s interbank market.

The three-year bonds worth 500 million SDR (nearly 700 million U.S. dollars) were billed as “Mulan bonds.” The Chinese currency the yuan, or renminbi, will be used as the settlement currency.

Interbank debts denominated in SDR will enrich China’s bond market and help promote the global use of the currency, the PBOC said, adding that it will continue to improve SDR bond trading and propel the opening up of China’s market.

The Chinese (and the Russians) would be doing the opposite if they were in true conflict with the US. Instead,  it is clear the goal is to create a new currency regime where the exchange rate will be set by the SDR — they are clearly telling you in red above. The USD is geting setup for a major devaluation in order to balance the world flows and it will engineered for the benefit of the oligarchy while the masses are kept in the dark about the direction.

The military is the other leg of control  and the create all sorts of tensions in the South China Sea, meanwhile…

PLA Navy fleet pays visit to Florida

PLA Navy fleet pays visit to Florida


China and the US have seen increasing military-to-military exchanges in the last few years despite tensions in the South China Sea.

Harry Harris, commander of US Pacific Command, said in Beijing on Tuesday that the US will continue to conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea. China protested last week the USS Lassen’s entering of waters in the South China Sea claimed by China without permission.

Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the US, said on Tuesday that while China and the US have some differences, it is evident that the common interests and common needs of the two countries on some global issues have been constantly increasing and expanding.

“This is the trend and direction,” he said.

Could not be more clear. The oligarchy is getting closer, but the limited tensions are created to keep the war and finance machines going — while the oligarchy maintains domestic control through fear. All pointed out in 1984.



Brexit Or Not

Whether Britain remains in the EU or not truly does not matter. Both countries have been sold out by their elites. Even if Britain leaves, the political gains will be short-term as the British establishment itself is run by oligarchs and the youth are headed straight for authoritarianism like everywhere else in the West.

If you did not believe the EU was created and run for the elite, get it straight from the horses mouth, the current editor of Bloomberg news and prior editor of the Economist, both the propaganda rags of the elite. Many know that I call Bloomberg news the superbly edited propaganda news of all as it is tailored very specifically for the elite of finance, esp. on the trading side who all have a terminal. With a sophisticated audience, the propaganda is so much more refined than the typical press. The propagandist-in-chief :

John Micklethwait

The whole piece is worth listening, although he mostly repeats the usual line. However, at the end he lets down is guard as humans are wont to do, and reveals what he would never publish — where he has time to edit :

https://charlierose.com/videos/28255?autoplay=true   (@11:25)

“The European Union, above all else, is that project run by elites (in quite a decent way)… One of the reasons why the European Union was setup; it was setup by elites who were terrified of populism in the 30s (1930s) . So they were never very good at the democracy thing”.

If you tell people the EU is the EU-SSR – 99.9% of the people will think you are nuts. But those in the know that the 99.9% — the ones who vote Democrat or Republican in the US, or Tory or Labor in the UK, and all the fake candidates in the all the Western countries are the real idiots.  Voting for the establishment is like a inmate in prison getting the choice of which cell he wants to sleep in, thinking that he is a free man.

Fools !  voting for social justice or freedom or democracy when in fact the Pigs on the Animal Farm run all the levers.

Brexit or Bremain  — only a minor battle between oligarchs for their turf – as is between Russia and USA in Eastern Europe. Until people want to overthrow the oligarchy not much will change.



Seems Everyone is Figuring It Out

Yes, nearly all western politicians are bought out by the jewish oligarchy or controlled by blackmail..The money power began the journey that led to the takeover of the world  500 years ago.  But their rule is nearly over as everyone begins to learn the truth.

From Gilad Atzmon  :

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who just a few months ago was a ‘hope for a change,’ is a wimp. For months, the man has unconditionally surrendered to the Jewish lobby. He has systematically betrayed each of his professed core principles. Not surprisingly, the legendary ‘Left Icon’ has even betrayed his friends.

Leftists tend to call each other comrade; they shove the word ‘comradeship’ into every political statement. Apparently, they are unable  to grasp what comradeship is all about.  Corbyn’s ‘comradeship’ was on display when he failed to stand up for the heroic Ken Livingstone who told the well-established and undeniable truth about Hitler’s support of Zionism and the Havara Agreement. Corbyn just ran away with his tail between his legs.

For some time, I have thought the Left a dysfunctional masturbatory concept. But Corbyn was exciting, he seemed to support the oppressed. For decades he was the patron of the dysfunctional Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Corbyn promised to care for whatever is left of the British working people. He said all the most exciting things but he has delivered the opposite.

Perversely, I have been delighted with the recent developments in the Labour Party.

If anyone had so far failed to notice the corrosive impact of Jewish power and Jewish political lobbying, it is now all out in the open.

Thanks to the Jewish Lobby and Jewish donors, the Labour Party is not a free place. It is intolerant, it is oppressive, it is an occupied territory. It cares for one people only and these people are not the working class. They are, practically speaking, a bunch of Jewish oligarchs, by far the most privileged people on this planet.

 Next we are going to learn that Corbyn’s Labour will remove Karl Marx from Labour’s heritage for writing On The Jewish Question. In 1843, Marx realisedthat “emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Judaism, would be the self-emancipation of our time.” Marx thought that in order to emancipate the world from capitalism, the world must be emancipated from “Judaism.”  And in order to emancipate Labour from the Guardians of Judea it must liberate itself from Jewish Zionist oligarchs such as Lord LevyLord SugarMichael Foster and a few others.

It is probably just a question of time before the Labour party suspends the Working Class altogether for interfering with Labour’s Jewish oligarch funders.

There is now plenty of evidence that Jewish Lobby politics is incompatible with Western thought and values of freedom. We must choose whether we want to live in a United Ghetto dominated by the likes of Lord Levy and Lord Sugar or whether we prefer to dwell in a United Kingdom that is free and cares for all.

England (and most of the world) has been under jewish rule for hundreds of years as not-so-cypto jew and British Prime Minister Disraeli pointed out in his books over 150 years ago.We all have to rediscover the truth since they do a masterful job of obscuring this most obvious of facts.



Zombie War Pigs Raging For War

The US has been the Golem used by the Zionist Oligarchy to destroy Muslim countries that didn’t kowtow to its wishes, using a jewish Uncle Tom Negro with a Muslim name to confuse everyone on the massive war crimes and chaos unleashed in those countries. Syria has probably suffered the most.

With the Russian support of the Assad regime against Western-backed terrorists, the minions of the ZOG (Zionist  Occupation Government) are out in full force wanting to start a war with Russia – the one other state that they do not have full control.

Carly Fiorina

women politicans always have to show that the are tougher than men. So they usually go to extremes. Here is rabid Fiorina who can barely stop shaking as she spews vitrol and wants to shoot down Russian planes. Donesn’t Russia realize that the Middle East is the personal property of the jewish oligarchy?

Please don’t vote for this controlled bitch. She will destroy your country in service of the pigs.

Hillary Clinton

Let’s not forget Satan’s spawn.

Here’s a surprise – Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican rising star Carly Fiorina agree on something big. Both think the US should declare and enforce a no-fly zone in Syria to protect civilians and US-backed rebel fighters. (C.S.M.)

Well it’s no accident that the press is pushing the same message.

 Marco Rubio

Rubio looks like the typical Eyes Wide Shut candidate. There is nothing that we don’t do or say for the ZOG. Here he is all the way back in 2011 pushing for war.

The death of Muammar al-Qaddafi today shows what’s in store for the leadership of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime, which will probably be the next group of tyrants to be thrown out of office and potentially killed, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), told The Cable……

Earlier on Thursday, Rubio told Fox News that the bulk of the credit for the success of the military effort in Libya belongs to the British and the French, and that if President Barack Obama had acted faster, Qaddafi’s death would have come months ago.

“It’s the French and the British that led on this fight and probably even led in the strike that led to Qaddafi’s capture and death,” Rubio said.”[President Obama did] the right things but he just took too long to do it and didn’t do enough of it.”

The Western governments imported Al-Qaeda into Libya to do the fighting, armed them, and when they were losing unleashed a massive bombing campaign to turn Libya into a hell hole. Yes, he is absolutely correct : The French, British, and American zombie politicians are 100% responsible for the war crimes. When will we see them in the Hague Tribunal ? (don’t hold you breath – only the enemies of the ZOG are brought to injustice).

Anyway, you get the idea…. they are all automatons for the oligarchy. Why does anyone vote for any one them ?

China’s Leadership Confirms Its Place in the Oligarchical System

Xi Jinping was in Seatle recently, on his way to the UN, when he delivered a speech that confirms China is part of the New World Order laid out decades ago by Globalist Oligarchs like the Rockefellars. Introduced by the potentate and criminal of the highest order, Henry Kissinger  Lee clearly tells us , the “Communist” Party is a member of the gang :

As far as the existing international system is concerned, China has been a participant, builder and contributor. We stand firmly for the international order and system that is based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. A great number of countries, especially developing countries, want to see a more just and equitable international system, but it doesn’t mean they want to unravel the entire system or start all over again. Rather, what they want is to reform and improve the system to keep up with the times. This would serve the common interests of all countries and mankind as a whole.

BRICS is Propaganda

There will be no war with China. Xi just wants China to be elevated to a higher status in the criminal gang. He and the leadership in China do not work for the Chinese, they work for a very small clique of gangsters – much like in the US. The propaganda that you see about BRICs being a counter-weight to the US hegemony is false split – like the Democratic and Republican parties that keep the illusion that there is no oligarchy. The US is being setup for a fall so the New World Order can take its place. In the New World Order, the oligarchs will rule behind the scenes just as they do at the national scale.

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